Friday, January 28, 2011

First Blog!!!!

Hey everyone!  I am finally starting a blog that is all things Pure White :)  Feel free to ask any questions on here, make comments, and most importantly have fun learning new things!!!  

Let me first introduce myself to you!  My name is Sarah Tenszen, and I have my own esthetics boutique on Academy Road.  It is quaint and relaxing, filled with pretty things, and sure to make you feel welcomed!  I LOVE working on Academy Road-heading to work always makes me smile!!!   I enjoy what I do so much, and hope that shows when you come to visit me.  

I will blog soon about my services, as well as about some of the oppertunities I have had in the past, and exciting things that are coming up.  

As a start, I want to say welcome to my blog, and always know that beauty starts in the heart!  

Much love,

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