Monday, April 2, 2012


We have all probably heard that facials are important...but many of us have never been told WHY.  Allow me to shed some light on this topic!!!  

First of all, let's talk about the components that make up a good facial.  Number one is good product.  Pure White uses Sea Vital products during facials.  They are products from the Dead Sea.  They have an advanced liposome complex, which means they absorb through your skin right into your blood stream, literally renewing your skin from the INSIDE, OUT.  This can not be said of many skin care lines, and is a part of what makes Sea Vital an AMAZING product, that I personally use every day!

The second component of a good facial is EXTRACTIONS!  Though this is not the most comforting part of a facial, I believe that paired with good skin care, this is the MOST important part.  Extractions begin with either hot towel compresses, which we do at Pure White, or steam from a steamer machine.  The intention of both of these methods is to soften your skin and pores, and prepare them for extractions.  Once the skin is softened, we gently squeeze the pores to remove dirt and built up oils and bacteria (aka. blackheads and whiteheads).  Extractions are essential to a good facial, as this is what will give you noticeable results and improve the condition of your skin.  

Important Note: extractions must be done properly by your esthetician, as improper extractions can cause scarring and can lead to open sores and infection.  Ask us about proper removal of blackheads and whiteheads before you do it at home yourself!!!

A facial wouldn't be a facial without a nice relaxing facial massage!  This allows for lymphatic drainage, and leaves you feeling relaxed and calmed.  

Masks, scrubs, serums, and creams are also applied to add to the rejuvenation of your skin, and will vary depending on your skin's needs.

Lastly, how often should you go for a facial???  I tell my clients to come once every season (4 times per year) if you have balanced skin, or have minimum struggle with blemishes.  Each season is different, and effects the skin differently.  If you struggle with acne, it may be recommended you come a little more often.  During your facial, you can discuss with your esthetician when to come back next, and it may be recommended that you come back for mini facials every 4-6 weeks to start.  These mini facials would be focused around cleaning out the pores, to continue the process of healing and diminishing the acne!  And YES, acne can be treated and controlled.  And YES I have treated it before, and LOVE the challenge and the results :)

I hope this gives you some insight into facials-REMEMBER, when booking a facial, make sure to ask if they do extractions!  

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